Demonical Dona Michelle

Do you know what rock, crossover, funky and violin have in common? Simply, a phenomenal music witch named Michaela Ripkova.

Her mixture of rough musical genres with a fragile classical instrument, which you would expect more in a theatre than anywhere else, will lift you up from the chairs.

Anyway, who is Dona Michelle to start with?

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Workout – the way to the stars

Hard work always pays off. If I want a good figure, brain and stomach at ease, I cannot expect the roasted pigeons flying themselves into… mouth to arrange that.

Nevertheless, can the motivation and self-discipline be learnt?

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Bikers’ beauties

Some things should not be combined, however when it comes to an old church and polished bikes, everything is different – so starting on Friday, 9 October – the church will get decorated with several chrome beauties as has been done during the previous years.

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