Drawings for charity

Painting – have you ever tried? For those who have, will surely agree, for those who have not – probably think that it is not fun at all (otherwise, we would have full closet of such paintings at home). There will be no afternoon painting missing this year as well. We will have a chance to look under the hands of 3 various artists who will create 3 great pieces of art straight.

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Baby Secondhand Gig

Saturday night will belong to punk rock and who else should be performing at the 15th Tattoo Session Silesia event rather than BABY SECONDHAND. The band has been established back in 2010 by a member of the Bekus Art Style Tattoo Studio – Bart; whose playlist is full of great hits based on life, purely written in Czech. If you haven’t heard them as of yet, you can  believe this music is a plain energy and life at full speed.

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Win a Free Tattoo Competition

There we go – the wheels of the free tattoo competition are already spinning around. This year, the vouchers prepared and waiting for you are of a total worth of 40 000 CZK and will be handed in to you personally during the event. There were 5 people who got the free tattoos last year and their triumphs could be seen not only at the event itself, but on the official Silesia profile on FB. We have also showed you the progress of the tattoo making as well as the finished piece of art which was really something worth of watching.

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Come to Get Some Beer

When we invite you for some beer, we do not have in mind the ordinary 10 you can get in any pub around. This time, it’s going to be a real experience for gourmets since there will be Galerka U DVOU DOBRAKU booth who will offer some nice-brewed beer specials. You will have a chance to taste various kinds of beers such as IPA, APA, Stout, or Bock. Doesn’t it tell much? Be invited to come to the booth to speak to Radek who will not only explain all the details needed, but advise what to get in order to enjoy the golden drink properly.

The Galerka itself is located in the basement in Dolni Namesti of Opava centre, so in case you are locally based and would like to practise in advance, you are more than invited to come HERE.


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