Parkour show Improve Yourself

Parkour is more than just “jumping on walls”. First you need to master the movement and once completed; everything around will start to change – you will soon find out that you have practiced overcoming life obstacles the most. Here is the question – how do Improve Yourself do it?

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Friday live music – BEXLEY

An adrenaline-fueled desire to swim against the stream and stir emotions. A mix of generations Y and Z, the band continues to leave a legacy of anger with expressive elements of their turn of the millennium icons, nu-metal and hardcore. Those are Bexley from Opava. 

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A close lookup at Japanese tattoos

Giant dragons, flames, leopards, fish in waves, blossoms – there is no doubt Japanese tattoos keep fascinating us, however when they are being created by a traditional technique called Tebori, they get to a completely different level. Karel “Charlie” Doležal, who has been using this method of tattooing for 13 years, will reveal what the secret behind TEBORI is.

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