For studios

Basic information

Do you want to be a part of the Tattoo Session Silesia? Let´s mail us after setting the actual date. Send a link for your web site or your social media profile on the email address: We will contact you with more info.


There will be two kinds of booths available for you:

  • Small booth – the size of 2 by 2 metres  for 5 000,- Kč (recalculated at the current exchange rate)
  • Big booth – at size 4 by 2 metres for 10 000,- Kč

Equipment of booths available:

  • plug to the voltage of 220 V
  • a table
  • 2 chairs (small booth – 2 chairs, 1 table, big booth – 4 chairs, 2 tables)
  • hygienic towels and bags into the wastepaper basket
  • collection box for used needles

The entry for every tattoer and his/her model plus a seller is free.

  • Small booth = 1 artist + 2 models = 3 persons free
  • Big booth = 2 artists + 4 models = 6 persons free
  • IMPORTANT – 1 artist / 1 tattoo studio = 1 booth (minimum the Small one), it is impossible to split the Big booth for 2 studios.
  • If you will take more models, let us know before, please.

The entry to the venue for tattooers, artists, models and sellers is possible on Friday, 4. October from 12:00

Official entry for the public:

  • Friday, 4. October – from 3.00 p.m.
  • Saturday, 5. October – from 10.00 a.m.

There is one small piece of advice for all the tatooers. Although we spend most of the time preparing on the Tattoo Contest, there are more and more visitors asking for an opportunity to get themselves tattooed directly at the event. Use the opportunity you have and please, do not hasitate to talk to people about tattoos and their ideas. Accept the orders, get new clients and earn some money not only on costs associated with the event.

We wish you a great success! Should you have any queries or information for us, email us on martina-rollmop-bekusartstyle-dot-cz or call our phone number: +420 604 415 300.