Weekend in Opava

Are you preparing yourself to come to the 15th Anniversary of the Tattoo Session Silesia and telling yourself to stay in town? Great idea! since Opava is a really nice small town, far from crowded streets – obviously, there is a chance for you to have a good time.

There you go, a couple of links for you to have a great time in our town.

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Only for strong natures

The 15th Tattoo Session Silesia is going to be a great show not only in terms of tattoo art but there will be also pretty rough “sports” seen on the stage. As every year, the event will be concluded by a freak show which will be taken care of our favourite (a bit perverse) clown Arnošt Rybín with his crew Fly High Tribe Suspension.

We will see several pieces of performance on the stage on Saturday evening after the tattoo competition which are certainly not appropriate for children’s eyes, and such pieces are strictly not recommended to be performed at home by any circumstances.

We wish you a nice show

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