30 drummers?

Perkuse_BORISEvery event needs a bit of a bloodshot. At the Tattoo Session Silesia will take care of a big amount of energy the BORIS – Ivo Samiec drummer orchestra. It has been performing since 2004 and Ivo was inspirated  with wild Brazilian rhythms and parades – how else 🙂 We will enjoy drums and percusions from all the corners of the world at the Saturday afternoon. But outdoors in the garden, because inside of the church we could make dancing historic frescoes very dangerously. Come to swing your hips and enjoy another bit of exotic on the almost holy ground 😉

Sexy bodypainting

BodypaintingToday we will irritate your imagination 🙂 Tattoo Session Silesia brings a look not only to the backstage of creating a tattoo, but also to another bodyart – bodypainting. It seems – beautiful female bodies and skilled painters who make amazing colored pictures directly on the body. Tattoo artist and painter Aellinka from the tattoo studio Fantas Magoria Art from Ostrava will present this year and interresting and also very sexy paintings on the body of Nikol Šrubařová. This will be the next trip to the very very exotical land. Definitely do not let Saturday´s afternoon to be missed and let go off your imagination …



Want a hook?

Fly HighThis Czech suspension crew is working in the Prague under the wings of Tattoo studio INDIVIDUAL. They annually conclude every day of Tattoo Session Silesia. After several changes it lasts for more than a decade. Every time a new story, a new people, a new costumes, every time new excitement and tension …

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In one track

MotoThis year, all the lovers of these beauties can look forward to a luxurious show 😉 Of course, we are talking about the chrome charmers who annually raise the Tattoo Session Silesia and give a punch to the event, you wouldn´t expect it in the church. Come this year to see this pleasant show for your eye and soul too. And if you are an owner of such a machine, don´t keep it at home, on 6-7 October you´re welcomed. Not only inside, but also in front of the church, we have prepared an exclusive parking place for this parade.

About our fleet will take care Marvin from the IRON CAVALRY motoclub 🙂


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