Dance, acrobacy or fight?

Since we like introducing unusual events during the Silesia Session, (non-traditional connection since the tattoos are about linking with unconventional elements) we have one more very interesting exhibition prepared for you. There will be a crew of dancers, a bit of acrobats and on the top of that, fighters performing during the event at the 15th Anniversary of the Session. Sounds a bit mysterious, does not it? It’s even more interesting to see the performance on the bare eyes.

There will be CAPOEIRA OPAVA crew visiting the Session on Friday afternoon. The art itself has its origins in Africa and Opavian performers have been honouring its name since 2005. Since the club has been established, they have already performed at various exhibitions all around Europe as well as to achieve numerous awards at the top positions. It will be amazing and worthy to see both young and adult dancers live, so we will be looking forward to seeing you all there.

More details and information about our guests are available on their website HERE.