Accordions to Dance the Church

This performance is going to be very special since we have invited two great accordionists to play – Martin Zurek and Roman Kulla who have already had a nice line of years of playing and have been performing together for 2 years now. What can you look forward to then?

The two gentlemen can play anything – starting from classical music, Baroque period up to the current dance music.

As Martin Zurek revealed:

“The current repertoire compositions include such pieces as the Imperial Tango and Gypsy Tango by Ástora Piazzolla, or La Badinerie from Johann Sebastian Bach’s B-minor Suite.” For those who do not have a clue about the classical music – this is something that you will never hear being played in the pub while drinking beer.

Generally, the most important thing for us, as the artist continues:

“For the Tattoo Session Silesia event, we have prepared and will perform various songs from the following bands: Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, Rednex, Roxette, Eric Clapton, Divokej Bill, Imagine Dragons, Fleret, Alice Cooper and Kiss.”

That’s the main reason for you to to be more than welcomed to come and dance on Friday afternoon and really enjoy this special party since this is going to be amazing.