A close lookup at Japanese tattoos

Giant dragons, flames, leopards, fish in waves, blossoms – there is no doubt Japanese tattoos keep fascinating us, however when they are being created by a traditional technique called Tebori, they get to a completely different level. Karel “Charlie” Doležal, who has been using this method of tattooing for 13 years, will reveal what the secret behind TEBORI is.

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Secrets of the light

112largeBecause we have only one pair of eyes and they are very important because of obtaining information from the world around for us, we invited a specialist on this topic. The real ambassador, Petr Gacka, will tell us about light and its effects on human at saturday. We will address the issue of artificial lighting and its adverse effects on humans, such as headache, burning eyes, visual impairment, and others. You will learn how these problems can be solved just by employment increased eye strain – a tattoo, administration, health… More here.

Discusion with Vladimir Franz

Vladimir_FranzThe strong personality of Czech cultural and political scene – Dr. Vladimír Franz. We will meet us in the intimate setting of the Moravian Chapel on Saturday evening. And this time we will not repeat a thousand times tumbled questions of his tattoos, but bites deeper into the artist’s soul. He’s more art, or music? Where he finds his inspiration? How does look his working day? What music he actually listens to and which exhibitions does he go really like? A thousand things that you were afraid to ask and really interest you!