Friday live music – BEXLEY

An adrenaline-fueled desire to swim against the stream and stir emotions. A mix of generations Y and Z, the band continues to leave a legacy of anger with expressive elements of their turn of the millennium icons, nu-metal and hardcore. Those are Bexley from Opava. 

Czech lyrics underscoring the desire to share experience with their fans, set in brutal distortion and frantic wall of guitars and drums sound. Again, these are Bexley from Opava.

The band members are:

  • Vít Gruner – vocal
  • Tomáš Harasím – guitar
  • Maro Rybnikář – guitar
  • Tomáš Kurka – bassguirat
  • Filip Neklapil – drums

The band recorded an EP called MMXX (2022) so far and you can check their songs:

They will perform on Friday evening (October 6), and you can follow them on social networks – Facebook, Youtube, or listen to their production on Bandzone, Spotify, or AppleMusic.