Parkour show Improve Yourself

Parkour is more than just “jumping on walls”. First you need to master the movement and once completed; everything around will start to change – you will soon find out that you have practiced overcoming life obstacles the most. Here is the question – how do Improve Yourself do it?

They say that their intention is to inspire and motivate the youth to move, think positively and realize themselves. They train literally “in a tailored way” and you can find even thirteen-year-olds (both boys and girls) whom you would have a hard time keeping up with.






In addition to training, you can get a trainer’s license from them as well (in case you already know how to process those hell-of-a kind tricks), courses, workshops, training camps, camps or a great exhibition that we will experience at the Tattoo Session Silesia.






We hope that this little introduction will get you in the mood and we will see you on Saturday, October 7 in the early evening at a show; and a workshop for children as well.

All in all, there is a lot to look forward to. You can find Improve Yourself on Facebook, Instagram but can get to know them the most from their official website.