A close lookup at Japanese tattoos

Giant dragons, flames, leopards, fish in waves, blossoms – there is no doubt Japanese tattoos keep fascinating us, however when they are being created by a traditional technique called Tebori, they get to a completely different level. Karel “Charlie” Doležal, who has been using this method of tattooing for 13 years, will reveal what the secret behind TEBORI is.

Charlie tried making tattoos for the first time at the age of ten – with a sewing needle and ink. His father was teaching him martial arts when he was a kid and he soon began to be attracted by Asian cultures in general. Additionally, he started drawing at an early age as well and immediately fell in love with the arts of the Far East, its philosophy and traditions.






Saturday afternoon will be dedicated to Charlie who is going to tell us more about what is behind the Japanese motifs, their symbolism and the selection, as well as explaining that the act of creation is more than just choosing a motif itself.

“The fact that one can make precise, brightly-coloured drawings of monumental proportions on skin – with just a few needles on a piece of bamboo, colour and patience fascinated me from the first sight.”






Charlie is a tattoo artist at the Fantasmagoria Art studio in Ostrava, and along with Martin Kapošváry – they have recorded several podcasts dedicated to Japanese tattoos.

You can now check a small video and have an exclusive live spectacle of how such a tattoo is being made in October.

Enjoy 😎