Weekend in Opava

Are you preparing yourself to come to the 15th Anniversary of the Tattoo Session Silesia and telling yourself to stay in town? Great idea! since Opava is a really nice small town, far from crowded streets – obviously, there is a chance for you to have a good time.

There you go, a couple of links for you to have a great time in our town.

Let’s take from the beginning:

You can easily find out about the town itself and what is happening around in the Turisticke informacni centrum Opava (Opava Tourist Information center).

Opavske Slezsko (Opava Silesia region) portal will share some tips, where to go and what should not be missed in the surrounding area since we have not only a nice town but a nice surroundings as well.

Some of the cultural and upcoming events can be found on the website of the Town of Opava itself (Mesto Opava). The Town and its representatives have been supporting us for a long time and we are very happy for their support, help and willingness of the people we deal with on a regular basis.

The last but not the least, mention has to be made about the Opava Cultural Organization (OKO – Opavska kulturni organizace) website which has been a long-standing partner of Tattoo Session Silesia and enjoys a tattoo weekend tirelessly with us. Thank you for your care guys.

For more tips, check out Kudy z nudy portal and we hope you will love it here.