They have it on the hook

Fly High Tribe suspensionFly High Tribe suspension is not necessary to introduce. Hooks already inherently belongs to Tattoo Session Silesia. Every show of this bunch is pretty sharp and sophisticaly worked out to the smallest details. A powerful story is watched with bated breath. Just like last year they will serve you their savory bloody menu in double dose. One in Friday evening, one at Saturday night. So tell me – is stronger curiosity or your stomach?

Fragile start of this year

Bea DostálováOpener of the 11th year will be really fragile. She will nicely tune us to the magical ambience of the church. Introduc us to life with a bit of rebellion. Allow us to touch the taste of life in all its positions. Bea Dostalova, with her guitar, knows how to pour a proper energy there, where it is sooooo difficult to find it. So let yourself flow…

Graffiti masters

Tattoo is real art and we know this. Art has its “street” side, and we think about it. Tattoo Session Silesia is absolutely phantastic decorated with street art, but only a few know. This year we invited great graphic from Opava – Zero. He painted Opava´s famous clubs and places as Strelnice, Zona, Mrkev, Depo, Monkey´s, MC13, 1st floor of Obecni Dum. His traces you can find on Prague´s Smichov or at the brand Converse. Als othe fact, that graffiti is real art, you can confirm at saturday from 11.00 AM outside the church 😉Zero 03 Zero 04 Zero 01

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