Let´s pole

Pole 01Whether you know the pole dance from any party, dancers Anna and Elizabeth will take your breath away. Pole is definitely a very demanding sport that wants many hours of hard training and preparation of choreography, and mostly it’s a wonderful art. Saturday afternoon we will enjoy solo performance of one of the dancers, and lately also very magical duet. This piece of program is real bewilder. Believe me 😉

Exhibition of B.A.S. FAMILY members

VýstavaAt the beginning of the year, we established Bekus Art Style FAMILY. A band of great people who love the colorful world around the tattoos. And because we have found that we have really very talented folks, we decided to organize an exhibition on the TSS with works of art and literary-oriented. Enjoy the pictures of Ales Steffek, who will take us through the world of music. Tereza Bekova will lead us into the magic of presen moments. David Vahala prefers technical, documentary photos and portraits. Bekus will open the world of tattoos and emotions. And finally will present some poems in an interesting outfit Martina Hagen. For moments of the rest on such an energetic action …

Tuned bikes

As every year we cannot miss the parade of such a top gleaming beauties. A few pieces in the church, many others outside. And our appeal to all owners of heavy machines – come to present your love on two wheels. Our family Tattoo Session Silesia moto party runs on Friday and Saturday.

Motorky 03 Motorky 02 Motorky 01

FASTFOOT will warm up saturday evening

11021517_754210044687874_8081720470692858602_oGood music is never enough. And because the connection of really good and experienced musicians produces only a good music, we invited Opava´s band FASTFOOT on Saturday evening. They play famous pieces in a lot of interesting arranges with very strong commitment. If you’re picky in music and you do not like many things, so here it is – shot right in the middle 🙂

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