Clockwork Orange

The impossible has become a reality. We managed to merge two suspension crews – The Fly Hight Tribe and SPAD, both of whom will show absolute taboos for ordinary mortals.

What is it all about then?

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Graffiti n front of the Church

We do not definitely need to introduce ZERO, the Opava master of graffiti, graphic design and painting, at all. His works can be found on the walls, chimneys, underpasses, corridors, in cafes and clubs, on various posters … ufff, just about everywhere. There is no doubt that what a piece – definitely a piece of art work. Nevertheless, no stress. This time we will leave the walls with no touch. This guy will unpack his spray can stuff in front of the St. Wenceslas Church and create 2 pieces of art straight in front of your eyes during the Tattoo Session Silesia. Do you want to see it?

Let’s take a closer look at some of his works.

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