K-pop dance with High Shoes

Millions of followers on social networks, hours of hard work on the dance floor, practicing to match multiple voices behind the microphone, perfect costumes, media pressure, fan camps fighting over who is the best – that is the Korean pop, AKA the K-pop to be performed at the Tattoo Session Silesia by the High Shoes duo from Opava.

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Friday live music – BEXLEY

An adrenaline-fueled desire to swim against the stream and stir emotions. A mix of generations Y and Z, the band continues to leave a legacy of anger with expressive elements of their turn of the millennium icons, nu-metal and hardcore. Those are Bexley from Opava. 

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Streetart in the Church

You can obviously expect a tattoo machine in their hands but what about the brush, charcoal or a spray paint? That is another level for sure. Three tattooers, one graphic designer and four original pieces of art which will be created directly at the spot of Tattoo Session Silesia.

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