Baby Secondhand will release a new record

The Opava punk-rock band Baby Secondhand will make the St. Wenceslas church and the audience again. Nevertheless, this year, it will be a very special performance; in addition to great melodic songs, you will sing after the first chorus and will not be able to get them out of your head, the band will release a new record and perform a rare show with special guests.

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Art Exhibition

Let us introduce the permanent part of the Tattoo Session programme at the first place – painting live.

It looks like a nice artistic fairy tale but if you have ever tried to paint a “Landscape in a Winter Gown”, it is obvious that it will not be so much fun – so what will happen then?

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Drawings for charity

Painting – have you ever tried? For those who have, will surely agree, for those who have not – probably think that it is not fun at all (otherwise, we would have full closet of such paintings at home). There will be no afternoon painting missing this year as well. We will have a chance to look under the hands of 3 various artists who will create 3 great pieces of art straight.

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