Tattoo contest requirements

The following contest categories are announced for the 16th year of the Tattoo Session Silesia:


  • Walt Disney (mini contest, size of the tattoo is not limited)


  • Maori
  • Color
  • Aquarell
  • Best of Day
  • Best of Show

Maori, Color and Aquarell category:

Category Aquarell will compete just on friday!

Categories Maori, Color and Aquarell  will compete on saturday!

  • 20 – 30% registered into all the saturday´s categories can be prepared beforehand
  • their utterly essential part has to date from the day of the contest

In case less than 5 models are registered in any category, such a category is going to be canceled and the remaining models are going ot be included in the Best of Show category.

Best of Day category:

The only award for the best tattoo from categories Maori, Color and Aquarell.

Best of Show category

Only for saturday!

There is also a possibility to take part with a tattoo that was not created in the Tattoo Session Silesia. The artists are also offered an opportunity of their further elaborating on the tattoo or not making any intervention in it. This category is highly attractive for the audience.

  • Each tattooist can compete only with one work in one of these categories – Maori, Color or Aquarell.
  • In contrast, every model can also be entered into the Best of Show category at the same time
  • Those who are NOT OFFICIAL PARTICIPANTS of the Tattoo Session Silesia are NOT ALOWED to take part in the contest.