Parcour will change your life

How? At first, you will find out that jumping over a neighbour’s fence is a bit different; if you do not work out hard and do not have it in your head straight, you will not jump much; not to mention the fact such a thing like gravity does not really concern you.

Who can clearly convince you about that all? The Ostrava party ADD Lead! Let’s get to know each other a bit closer.

They will not be at the Tattoo Session Silesia for the first time but a lot has changed since their last performance. They have been training abroad with the founders of this non-traditional sport, collecting world licenses and even preparing to renew the Czech Park Association nowadays even though most of them have probably never thought they would make a living by moving.

Patrik “Pag” Gabryš, who is behind the ADD Lead, says about the parcour: “It is an art that has the power to change human lives; ours or the people we guide. It has a comprehensive scope – as they say: Strong body, a strong mind, a strong spirit.”

These professionals are connected with people from all over the world and from children, for whom they organize workshops or camps, they also want to focus on adults.

He will spend Saturday afternoon with us. Their exhibition will, as always, be full of risky pieces on crates or chairs, and as our branches increasingly imitate parcourse tricks, they will involve them as well. They will quite possibly take a few very interesting pieces of advice under the hands of experts. All in all, take the family with you and come to have a look.

You can read more about the ADD Lead on their WEB, YouTube or on Facebook.