Bikers’ beauties

Some things should not be combined, however when it comes to an old church and polished bikes, everything is different – so starting on Friday, 9 October – the church will get decorated with several chrome beauties as has been done during the previous years.

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Art Exhibition

Let us introduce the permanent part of the Tattoo Session programme at the first place – painting live.

It looks like a nice artistic fairy tale but if you have ever tried to paint a “Landscape in a Winter Gown”, it is obvious that it will not be so much fun – so what will happen then?

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16th Tattoo Session Silesia

We have 3 months in front of us until the start of the 16th-year of the Tattoo Session Silesia therefore, it is the time to slowly start getting ready for this year’s programme.

Although this year is pretty complicated with the virus spreading and impacting our lives with us giving up a lot of great events, we persevered and keep our fists so that everything works for us and we will meet again on October 9 and 10 in a beautiful premises of St. Wenceslas Church in Opava in order to pay tribute to one of the oldest arts in the world – tattoos. The question is – what can you look forward to this year?

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