St. Vaclav church – new venue TSS

This year, thesvatba_2 TSS will take place in a rather unusual venues of St. Wenceslas church in the center of Opava. Let´s have a little taste of history …

It started with St. Dominica Chapel – pretty old monument. The church was then founded in 1291 by Prince Nicholas from Opava and belongs to one of the oldest pieces in Central Europe. It has a really wild past – many fires, various warehouses, and was even served for the Wehrmacht. But inside it is beautifully decorated with frescoes, which was restored in 2005 – you will be able to view themselves.

The church hasn´t a tower – as we read, churches of the mendicant orders (eg. the Franciscans or Dominicans) it should. Today it is a free-aisled basilica to which is the most beautiful view from the windows of the adjacent House of Arts, which was used just as a monastery. Come on there, open the Window and look directly above the incredible vaulted arcades and the whole temple down below you ..

TSS 2014 within Bezruč´s Opava

logo-opava10th year of festival will be held under the auspices of the Opava within the Bezruc´s Opava Festival. The festival Bezruc’s Opava is one of the oldest cultural festivals in the Czech Republic. Since 1958 this cultural event has carried the name of the most famous Opava native Vladimír Vašek (1867-1958) alias Petr Bezruc, who became famous especially or his poetry expressing social protest in the collection Slezské písně. The festival has undergone many changes and today it offers a wide variety of all art forms – literature, fine art, theatre, film, and music.

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