YOU! Call for tenders for program!

20140918_165152Our team started with intensive preparation program for this year’s Tattoo Session Silesia. The basic framework we already have, but …

Because we have around us a lot of interesting folks who can do something and have something to give to others, we thought that we will announce unconventional action. Also:

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How about the tattoo contest?

The jury has always pretty hard work and difficult decission – that´s the fact!

This year on TSS it wasn´t different. Let it look, how it all turned out 😉


Pagan Tattoo – tatooed by Jaro, model Kubo

Category BLACK & WHITE

1. Bekus Art Style – tatooed by Bocca Junior, model Alexa

2. Hellcat Tattoo – tatooed by Martina, model Jitka

3. Inkoust Tattoo – tatooed by Bob, model Doris

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