Tattoos and health?

10656166_989205507771821_1624973072_nHow is it getting with a tattoos during pregnancy? Or if you have a skin disease?

What about your sick heart and tattoos? Can you get an attack or spasm? Can it make your current condition worse?

Will it be a problem for a CT scan and X-ray?

Where is actually the truth ???

All questions will answer surgery senior consultant from Opava´s Hospital, real pro and renown expert , MUDr. Jiří Hájek. Saturday 😉

Violin Femme 2 Fatale

F2F.Fatal in each direction… The virtuosity of classical violin in connection with the genres of rock, pop, world music and diversely-changing contemporary dance scene.

Saturday night will belong to these two charming violinists.

Beauty and art in a dangerous combination …

Infinitos – fire show

Infinito10704885_989099234449115_1770998283_ns is the professional Czech group which deals with fire and UV show since 2008. Endless fire will light up the church on Saturday night to celebrate the top of the 10th annual Tattoo Session Silesia.

You can enjoy the absolutely unusual spectacle. All the presentation is based on Maori poi, but as it goes in the postmodern age, can be traced to the effects of the Orient and Occident. Fans, Isis wings or fire burners, circus elements such as iron cube, force acrobatics and fiery hoops mixed in good proportions, served in really hot packs …

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