Parkour – a little different barrier

ParkourL.E.A.D. is a parkour organisation, the largest of its kind in the Czech republic . They prepare performances, workshops, meetings, camps and fests… And how do they say: “In life, sometimes it make sence to go the harder way. To move your limits and inspire your neighborhood.” A big part of these limits they will come to move on the 11th Tattoo Session Silesia. On saturday of 3rd october.  In the afternoon, after lunch, they will warm up outside the church and later they will show us what it looks like, when gravity begins to lose meaning. Right in the church 😉

Session will be raw. Raw-rocked


On Friday night we have prepared a musical delicacy. A band EXPEDITION APALUCHA accepted our invitation. Why did we chose this band? There are several answers:

– They are not any rookie. They perform on stage for 15 years

– Jura Bosak is peculiar guy with a really unforgettable feeling

– And all of Apalucha know very well how to take over the music to stab directly into the heart

All in all – do not plan anything on the evening of October 2nd. Let yourself be carried away!

The best will take care of good meal

radim-kuchar-s-panvickou-199x300Any event shouldn´t miss good food and drink, ´cause that makes people united. And it´s all about this. To feel great. In this time you´re slowly tasting proramm. Now it´s turn to present you Radim Svačina, chef of wine U Přemka. Him and his team belong to people, who are doing their work with a big heart. Wine is a part of space of St. Vaclav church and you can look forward to classic menu, specialities, vege or quickies from grill in the garden, which will be opened as a place of a rest to sit and talk with tea of coffee in silence. Surely you´ll enjoy it.



We invited guys from Trial Riders. Two of three men of the bunch will come. Miloš Zavadil, rider form Blansko, who rides a bike Play, 26″ and Adam Gerža, rider of  unicycle from Brno. Adam has permission of Ministry of Interior to violate the laws of physics, also we can test, how does it look, when such a laws stop working 🙂

Trial Riders I.IMGP6097Trial Riders II.

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