Parcour will change your life

How? At first, you will find out that jumping over a neighbour’s fence is a bit different; if you do not work out hard and do not have it in your head straight, you will not jump much; not to mention the fact such a thing like gravity does not really concern you.

Who can clearly convince you about that all? The Ostrava party ADD Lead! Let’s get to know each other a bit closer.

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Graffiti in the church

We do not definitely need to introduce ZERO, the Opava master of graffiti, graphic design and painting, at all. His works can be found on the walls, chimneys, underpasses, corridors, in cafes and clubs, on various posters … ufff, just about everywhere. There is no doubt that what a piece – definitely a piece of art work. Nevertheless, no stress. This time we will leave the walls with no touch. This guy will unpack his spray can stuff in front of the St. Wenceslas Church and create 2 pieces of art straight in front of your eyes during the Tattoo Session Silesia. Do you want to see it?

Let’s take a closer look at some of his works.

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Never enough of Rock’N’ Roll

As always, we have prepared a good portion of music for you this year as well.

Friday night will belong to the G.O.C. band which will give us a little fluffy trails in hard rock style.

The band has been touring since 2015 and since their music is full of energy as well as of jokes, ambiguities and allusions, you will like it.

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Come to make a tattoo

Have you ever been thinking about that? To try tattooing from the other perspective? Interesting idea, isn’t it?

How is it actually made? How heavy is a tattoo machine? How come the lines do not persist where I placed them at all? Should I try to push a bit more? It probably will not be as cool as it looks in the studio … Come and try a tattooer’s work yourself.

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