Canvas Art

Even though you will have to check the Rembrandt’s and Da Vinci’s pieces somewhere else, you can enjoy a dose of art at the 16th Tattoo Session Silesia as well.

Various talented painters and photographers will let you peek into their studios and works; each of them with a different point of view on the world, own techniques and attitude. Who can we then be looking forward to?

Let’s briefly introduce everyone.

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Parkour To Change Your Life

How? First of all, you will find out that jumping over the neighbour’s fence is something totally different. If you do not work out and you do not have it all sorted in your head, you will not jump much at all; but most

importantly, something like gravity does not really affect you.

Who can clearly convince you about all of the facts above? Simple as it is – the Ostrava crew called ”ADD Lead”! Let’s get to know the guys better in here first.

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The Legendary Opava Food Truck

There are various traditional and non-traditional dishes from all over the world, combined with quality ingredients and often crazy ideas which might be a unique experience. Fully Belly Food Truck has been a fixture of the Czech-Slovak street food scene for over 6 years and will take care of you at the Tattoo Session Silesia event.

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