Get dressed in label

If you want to attend the Tattoo Session Silesia in a stylish way, it is definitely worth visiting our merch booth.

We will dress you in T-shirts, put on a cap, decorate with badges, you can get a mug for coffee or tea in your hand, or cross out our lighter in the fireplace and cover the laptop with stickers.

You can buy some interesting pieces from the Baby Secondhand band in the booth as well.

All in all, when you are coming to the event in the morning, do not overdo it with the wardrobe, you can easily get everything essential from us.

Do you want a tattoo for free?

There it is 🙂 The wheels of our big free tattoo competition are slowly getting spinned. There are multiple vouchers available to be won from the best tattoers at the event waiting for you in the overall value of 45.000 CZK.

All in all, what can you do to make the price land in your hands?

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Canvas Art

Even though you will have to check the Rembrandt’s and Da Vinci’s pieces somewhere else, you can enjoy a dose of art at the 16th Tattoo Session Silesia as well.

Various talented painters and photographers will let you peek into their studios and works; each of them with a different point of view on the world, own techniques and attitude. Who can we then be looking forward to?

Let’s briefly introduce everyone.

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