Graffiti n front of the Church

We do not definitely need to introduce ZERO, the Opava master of graffiti, graphic design and painting, at all. His works can be found on the walls, chimneys, underpasses, corridors, in cafes and clubs, on various posters … ufff, just about everywhere. There is no doubt that what a piece – definitely a piece of art work. Nevertheless, no stress. This time we will leave the walls with no touch. This guy will unpack his spray can stuff in front of the St. Wenceslas Church and create 2 pieces of art straight in front of your eyes during the Tattoo Session Silesia. Do you want to see it?

Let’s take a closer look at some of his works.

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Art Exhibition

Let us introduce the permanent part of the Tattoo Session programme at the first place – painting live. It looks like a nice artistic fairy tale but if you have ever tried to paint a “Landscape in a Winter Gown”, it is obvious that it will not be so much fun – so what will happen then?

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Stop for some beer

Beer has undeniably a very strong tradition in our regions therefore we have one beer gourmet stone for you.
The Opava gallery U Dvou dobráků will unpack its booth during the event and you can taste various types of beer from 7 taps from independent
small breweries in Dolni Square at the U Dvou Dobraku pub . Generally, it is really worth trying.

You can find out more details about them on their WEBSITE.

Radek Psota is looking forward to seeing you.

Sexy Poledance Doubles

Two sexy dancers… Dark church… Perfectly tuned raw music… This is exactly the prelude to a Friday night pole dance.

There are the five-time Czech champions and the World Champions who accepted our invitation for the event. These ladies can definitely work not only with acrobatics but with blood pressure of the audience as well.

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