The master bodypainting

Bodypainting is probably one of the hottest parts of any kind of body art. Radka Kunovská is literally the sorceress of this discipline and her work with the body paint and costumes will not let your imagination rest long after the Tattoo Session Silesia. Let’s see what she has revealed about herself then.

“As soon as I have a brush in my hand, I do not care what kind of surface I am painting on – from canvas and textiles, wood and walls, even human bodies; you can easily recognize my style. I am the one with hands dirty of paint. I have henna in the freezer instead of ice cream and jagua, with which I create temporary tattoos. In March 2023, after years on maternity leave, I was definitely feeling the pinch and signed up for the Czech Championship in Face and Neck Painting. I went to Prague for the competition with an amazing team, fear and at the same time great determination; with not even a year’s experience in body painting. A few hours later, being completely exhausted and incredibly happy; I was coming home with my team, carrying an award and a diploma for 1st place in my suitcase.”






On Saturday, 7 October afternoon, you should definitely plan to stay under the stage since she will present his art to us live – you truly must be there to check that out 😍






You can follow Radka on her Facebook profile or on her official website.

We are looking forward to seeing you all there.