Body Painting

We will not skip this fairly hot show again this year as well. Painting on the body, so called ‘’bodypainting’’, has an incredible history, as old as mankind itself which gained its solid position at the Tattoo Session Silesia during the years.

This year, it will be Martin Kaposvary from the Fantasmagoria Art Tattoo studio in Ostrava who will perform the bodypainting as a main artist.Martin has been painting and dealing with graphics since the school years and has been present on the tattoo scene for more than 18 years so far – definitely not a greenhorn anymore. He has taken part in several exhibitions presenting his paintings, and his piece or art painted on the naked female body could be admired at the Silesia Session back in 2014 as well. The whole exhibition will be repeated this year again so let’s see you guys under the stage on Saturday afternoon.