Fénix Opava – take your body to another level

Working hard is not only about spending hours with grueling exercise but having things sorted out in the mind and to know where to send the energy and being focused. Fénix Opava – a crew decently breaking the rules of gravity is coming to present their street workout exhibition on Friday afternoon, and even though they will not be with us for the first time, let’s see what is new with them.

Fénix created a new motivational programme for both primary and secondary schools simply called KROKFIT which focuses on a healthy lifestyle with a demonstration of working out with one’s own weight.






Beside that, they have been preparing the biggest sports event of the year at the moment as well – the 6th-year of a popular Sports festival offering a lot of fun and competitions taking place in September.

Check their videos online and come to enjoy this great performance on Friday, 6 October.