After party

Every successful tattoo day needs to be properly celebrated especially, when speaking about the 15 Anniversary Tattoo Session Silesia – therefore, both Friday and Saturday evenings will be concluded by an after party. The same like last year, we will meet in Hospůdka u Cicka in 20 Nakladni Street, approximately 3 minutes on foot from the St.Wenceslas Church. The after party itself will include welcoming, saying goodbye, singing folk songs and sharing various unearthly humorous stories from either the whole day, or both days combined. Anyone who will be interested to chit chat with the tattooers, the organizing team members, or to simply have steak, vegetables (we have been thinking about vegans as well), not to mention a shot with us; will be more than welcomed on Friday and Saturday evenings, starting at 21:30. The way to the destination can be either explained to you during the event, or simply check the link HERE.